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─ About candles ─

Handcrafted souvenir candles with its particular scent, that's the distinguishing feature of a London Pride candle. Each item is designed and manufactured in England, ensuring a 100% immaculately handcrafted British souvenir.

The candles represent a unique slice of traditional British heritage. The mini-replica figures offer iconic symbols of all that is best about Britain.

The uniquely styled handmade candles will bring a touch of Great Britain to any room or office interior. Rich and deep fragrances such as the English Rose and the Mighty Oak create a relaxing atmosphere for any occasion. The tender scent of rose petals embodies peace, harmony and tranquillity, whilst the woody notes of the oak tree symbolise longevity and the power of monarchy.

Scented by nature, our candles evoke a relaxed feeling of contentment, underpinned by the passion of this 'Sceptred Isle'.

London Pride is one of a handful of specialist UK companies managing the entire production process in accordance with strict UK quality standards. Materials of exceptional quality are approved, beginning with the wax perfected by our international technologists, and continuing with our artisan's accurate moulding and fine finishing. All our candles bare the unique London Pride stamp of quality and authenticity.


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