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─ History ─

London Pride is an authentic British brand which aims to rigorously preserve the traditions established centuries ago by the British candle making industry. We have built an unrivalled reputation of prestige and consistency representing the richness of British cultural legacy by creating an intersection between the souvenir, handcrafted goods and candle making industries.

Central to its ethos, London Pride has sought to infuse the mature spirit of London into its goods, producing candles of exceptional quality that arouse a warm afterglow of a visit to the capital. Essences that we use for our candles are carefully researched and sourced to reflect past times and the richness of our national heritage with echoes of rose gardens, apple orchards, newly mown grass, for example.

Top-quality souvenir candles are at the heart of what we do. During the whole manufacturing process we use only tested and certified materials of the highest quality, starting with the best quality wax that is constantly being improved by our technologists and continuing with our traditional method of hand-crafting and the original company stamp that certifies the uniqueness and affirmed quality control of each product.


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